For Results: Do The Work

Many of us like to look to distractions or the outside world to fulfill empty or unhealed places within.  But once the distractions are over at the end of the day, we are left with the emptiness and pain that are still inside.  


Although I have experienced so much healing through the Akashic Records, I found that there is still work to be done.  This weekend I participated in a breath work and sound bath class.  Elias lovingly guided us to a past trauma in our conscious or, as it was in my case, our subconscious.  A situation I thought I had healed showed up again.  I was given a deeper understanding about the scenario and the people involved.  This understanding helped to resolve a deep resentment I was still holding on to subconsciously.  


This moment taught me that even when we think we have done the work and healed areas of our life, there is often deeper work to be done.  And that comes from going within.  You may chose to take a breath work class, guided meditation, prayer, therapy, hypnosis, or going into your Akashic Records but the work in ongoing.  There is so much wisdom to be gained. And with that wisdom comes an understanding that brings us all closer to peace, love and joy.