How My Journey Began..

From the time I could remember, I spent each Sunday going to church with my parents.  My parents even enrolled me in the elementary school that our church operated until I was in 6th grade.  I spent summers at Cedar Springs Bible Camp and winters at church camps in the mountains.  The only thing I knew about life was what the church taught my parents and what my parents taught me.

Somewhere around the age of 9 I learned about astrology because I was reading through the Sunday comics and stumbled upon the horoscope section.  There I found the sign that corresponded with my birthdate, Leo, and was immediately interested.  I looked at the names of all the other signs and their symbols, and in true Leo fashion, I was extremely proud to be the lion.  Around the age of 21 I gained some deeper knowledge and began understanding moon signs and more about the other signs in astrology.  I loved the information I was learning because it helped me have a clearer understanding of how and why people process life situations differently. 

At the age of 27 I had my first card reading.  My good friend comes from a Gypsy lineage and her mom did readings with playing cards, which tarot was originally derived from.  The reading was so spot on and I became a believer…with a healthy level of skepticism. 

A few years later my dog all of a sudden just stopped having strength or control in his hind legs and couldn’t stand.  I met with multiple vets and after many tests, there was just no answer.  My roommate suggested I reach out to an animal communicator she had worked with for her horses that would come up lame.  She explained that she would work with vets, large animal chiropractors, massage therapists, and no one would have answers for her horse being lame.  She would contact an animal communicator and she would have an answer within 10 minutes of the reading.  I had never even heard of animal communicators but I figured “let’s do it!”  My dog was the thing I loved most in the world and was willing to try anything.  The communicator told me exactly what the dog needed and within 24 hours he was up and walking,  Again, I became a believer….with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Over the next 13 years I went through many personal ups and downs and made a huge move out of the Pacific Northwest to southern California.  In January of 2019 I set a New Year’s resolution to work out every day for a full month.  I began consistently practicing yoga during this month effort and meditation just naturally came along with the practice.  By the end of the month I had a new found a new, centered version of me.  I continued practicing over the next year and began a journey of internal connection and guidance from my higher self.  As this internal journey progressed, my external interest in all things spiritual expanded as well, collecting crystals, oracle decks and expanding my knowledge about all things mystic including auras, psychics/mediums, chakras, music frequency healing, crystal grids, New & Full Moon rituals, and The Akashic Records. 

I had my first Akashic Records reading in January of 2020.  I met with a reader (now my mentor,) Shannon, in person for the reading.  Almost as soon as the reading started I had a huge shift in my energy.  I had never felt that way before and didn’t really know what it was.  I could only describe it as feeling light-headed.  I asked all the questions one would ask when they feel a lack of direction in just about every area of life.  The answers I received (keep doing what you are doing with regard to yoga and meditation, and do more of it) were not what I was hoping for, but they were exactly what I needed.  It was much easier to see that in hindsight.  When I got back in my car after the reading I was so happy about the information I received that I couldn’t wait to share it.  I was still in this new, strange energetic feeling and didn’t quite know what that was all about.  So I sat in my car and made a phone call.  20 minutes later I felt “normal” enough to drive again and be on my way.  Apparently what I was doing was grounding myself from the elevated vibrational state I had been sharing in with Shannon.  Again, hindsight is 20/20.  This was my first not-so-obvious signal from my guides that The Records were part of my path. 

Over the next 6 months, COVID and quarantine changed our world. I now had more time than ever to commit to yoga and meditation.  So almost every day or night I was connecting through meditation.  After one vigorous online yoga class, I stayed in savasana and began hearing messages.  I got two very clear names Akasha and Ayala.  I wasn’t so sure what to do with these names or what they meant so I Googled them both.  I discovered that Akasha is how the Akashic Records refers to itself and Alaya is the 8th consciousness, the storehouse of all information, where the Akashic Records exist.  While researching these two words I felt the light-headed sensation again along with a feeling of being wrapped in a universal, loving energy. I was connected!

That summer, I received another reading from a psychic/medium whose wait list I had been on for about 8 months.  I was told about my aura color (Turquoise) and how that has supported me through my journey during this incarnation as Caroline Horne.  Those with a turquoise aura often become healers due to the experience of the soul.  The energy she connected with acknowledged the considerable amount of internal work I had committed to and achieved in this lifetime.  She was then given the message that I was able to read Akashic Records for myself and others.  She said it felt sacred that I had been given this gift.  My first thought was “Oh cool!” and “Holy crap! How am I going to do that?!”  I reached back out to Shannon, who had done my initial Akashic Records reading and she offered to mentor me.  I felt honored to be again be given this gift and clear sign from the Universe that I was on the right path.

Since starting in August of 2020, I have over 200 hours of practice reading Akashic Records for my clients.  I feel honored each time anyone allows me to open their records and consider the time spent with each soul as a gift and part of my purpose here on Earth.  If there is one take away that I have learned from each of my readings is that your guides, teachers and ascended beings of the light all love you unconditionally.  Welcome to your Akashic soul journey at The Akashayana.