Resonating With Your Tribe

Something I’ve found interesting about people in general is we can accept that we outgrow friendships from our childhood and our teen years as well as most romantic relationships but once we are well into adulthood we seem to have a more difficult time recognizing when we’ve outgrown any type of relationship.  It’s like there is reasonable expectation that some kids mature more quickly or our friends and ourselves develop different interests that create a distance or separation to the relationship.  Sometimes the distance is physical with families moving to different areas.  But a common theme I hear in readings is my clients having difficulty connecting to their current social groups.  The social groups are full of superficial conversations or sometimes even gossip and negative topics.  My clients that are in a spiritual awakening are no longer resonating with these groups but have a hard time disconnecting.  The Records always tell them to find their tribe.  Find a group that will support your spiritual connection and growth.  We don’t have to have a falling out to move on.  If your friends are dragging your energy and vibration down and you no longer have much in common, find a new tribe.  Throughout my life I have migrated through many friend groups due to changes in address or changes in romantic affiliation.  But I’ve maintained a positive connection to the majority of the people I no longer have as close of a relationship as I once did.  With many of them, we could pick up as though no time has passed since we last connected.  But people….adults grow, and often at different paces and in different directions.  You are not obligated by Spirit to stay in relationships that do not serve your highest and best good.  It’s wonderful if they want to grow with you or will at least share in your interests.  But if the relationship no longer feels healthy or does not fulfill your soul in any way, it is ok to move on.  Always remember that you will attract the frequency you exude.